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internet marketing / SEO

A2Zfreelance is an Indian Search engine optimization firm as well as an Internet marketing company.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a great way to gain visibility in the market and boost your turnover.   With an online presence you are privileged to have a store all over the world targeting a huge global customer base! It is definitely a cheaper option than setting up an extensive infrastructure and incurring high advertisement costs. A2Zfreelance gives you this benefit by linking creativity with technology.

There has been a two-fold increase in e-customers over the past decade. E-shopping has become the mantra in the present era. The internet has been able to engage a large number of customers through popular search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Rediff, Ask and so on. Customers have increasingly perceived Internet marketing as a faster, cheaper and better source of getting updated information on latest products and services. A2Zfreelance registers you on major search engines using Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation strategies so that you can attract maximum online traffic.

While PPC campaigns draw visitors to a website, when they bid on advertisements or spot enticing promotions; SEO campaigns draw a selected target group to a website through specific keywords.  At A2Zfreelance, experts assist you in selecting the best method to reach your target audience.

Companies, who have outsource both SEO and PPC campaigns from A2Zfreelance, have earned a higher Return on Investment (ROI) than previously. It is a myth that PPC campaigns are easier to run than SEO campaigns. Both of them are simple.  

Advantages of PPC:

  • Starts in less than fifteen minutes with online advertisements
  •  Effective tool to gain exposure for extremely competitive keywords
  • Positive results in a short span
  • Lower initial investment

Advantages of SEO:

  • Minuscule long term investment with monthly, quarterly and annual SEO maintenance plans
  • Steady long term gains
  • Improves the volume and traffic  to a website
  • Completely optimised source code, allowing cross-browser compatibility
  • Fast loading webpages that are easily accessible on all search engines
  • Interlinking of webpages sans obstructions


Designing a website and optimising it for all search engines does not give you the liberty to sit back. Search Engines algorithms keep changing, Competition increases, surfing patterns and buying behaviour are erratic and market share of search engines keep varying. These affect website rankings considerably. Proper SEO maintenance ascertains that your website remains in a favourable position, constantly.

Specialists at A2Zfreelance not only concentrate their efforts to optimise a website so that a   high position is achieved, but also conduct regular SEO maintenance on it to retain the acquired position.

Our SEO maintenance service plan encompasses:

  • Revision of Keywords:  SEO rankings greatly depend on the content of your website. Keyword-rich content encourages revisits of customers and prospects. We conduct an in-depth research on your business and the market to provide well investigated keywords that are certain to boost your website ranking. These researched keywords are specially generated keeping in mind competition.  We grant you the winning edge over competitors through surefire, keyword-rich, content that helps you earn more profits.
  •  Analyse web traffic trends: We frequently analyse web traffic trends so that you recognize what part of your website is generating more business. This study enables you to decide whether you want to concentrate further on a particular area or shift focus to other areas to attract more traffic.  This evaluation is essential for overall progressing.
  • Updating website:  The content of a website should keep improving for a strong online presence. Addition of new well-written content, periodically, helps to keep visitors interested in your website for years on end. Changes in navigation, business focus, illustrations and layouts, also, present a refreshing experience to your visitors.
  • Customer support:  We know how important a website is for our client and provide excellent customer support to achieve set targets. Our team doesn’t stop working until perfection is reached!